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Mission and Vision


A community of life-long learners and achievers in the field of Family and Community Medicine… innovative, progressive, highly competent, with moral, ethical, and spiritual vigor, inspired by love, compassion and respect for human life, family and country… committed to the development and delivery of comprehensive, continuous, Coordinated, accessible and holistic care to families and communities.

Residency Training Program

The program is designed to produce a doctor with a bio-psychosocial approach to health, who is an expert in primary, secondary, and initial emergency tertiary care of both children and adults, who can act as an advocate and coordinator of care for his patients and their families, and who has the capacity to intervene at the level of the community and higher health care delivery systems for the benefit of larger population groups. The program envisions its graduates to form the backbone of the health care delivery system, providing competent and compassionate first-contact and continuing care in the frontlines with a strong preventive and a health-promotive component to their management, while at the same time addressing the psychosocial determinants of health in a systemic manner. The program is especially designed to fill the acute health manpower needs of the country in underserved communities, whether as private or as government practitioners.

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